Run your MLB office pool with us this season to have fun all summer long.

Baseball betting pools aren’t actually too common and most office pool software providers don’t even offer MLB pools, but not here. Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for all of your pools.

We offer MLB survivor, bracket, squares and pickem office pools.

We’ll spend some time explaining each format, along with the customization options available to pool managers using our software. You’ll save countless hours using our intuitive software.

MLB Survivor Pools

The goal is to be the last man standing in our baseball survivor pools.

MLB survivor pools are our most popular format when it comes to baseball office pools. Pool hosts love this format because it’s simple to run and can last for most of the MLB regular season.

Here’s how our MLB survivor pools work:

  • Selections: Players select one MLB team weekly and can’t use the same team twice.
  • Scoring: If a player’s selected team wins 50%+ of their games that week, the player advances.
  • Elimination: You can customize how many incorrect picks it takes before being eliminated.

Trying to run a baseball survivor pool without software is tough. Chasing every member’s selection every week is a chore. With our software, pool participants can quickly make their weekly picks.

MLB Squares Pools

Baseball squares or World Series squares are a great way to have some fun during the playoffs.

MLB squares pools are generally reserved for the MLB playoffs. You have a lot of options when it comes to running an MLB squares pool during the playoffs.

First off, here’s how our standard MLB squares pools work:

  • Grid: MLB squares pools use a standard 10×10 grid (100 squares).
  • Axis: Randomize numbers 0-9 and list them along the X/Y axis in the order drawn.
  • Teams: List one team along the X axis and the other team along the Y axis.
  • Winners: Use the final score to determine the winner of the squares pool.

Now, when you use our software, you can use the same grid for multiple games. In fact, you can use the same grid throughout the entire playoffs or a single playoff series. There’s also the option to randomize the 0-9 numbers in your grid prior to the start of every game.

We also allow office pool managers to run a more unique MLB playoffs squares pool.

Here’s how the second MLB squares format works:

  • Grid: This format only uses a 5×5 grid (25 squares) and requires less participants.
  • Axis: Randomize the AL teams down one axis and NL teams down the other axis.
  • Winner: The winning square is the one intersecting the two teams in the World Series.

What’s great about this format is that it lasts the entire playoffs. You also don’t need a lot of people to play this pool format, as there are only 25 squares on the grid.

MLB Playoffs Bracket Pools

With a small pool of teams in the MLB playoffs (10), bracket pools aren’t overly popular, but we still let pool managers host MLB playoffs bracket pools using our software.

Here’s how our MLB playoffs bracket pools work:

  • Selections: Players fill-in their entire bracket prior to the wild card play-in games.
  • Scoring: Players receive one point for correctly predicting each series winner.
  • Winner: The player that accumulates the most points wins the cash.

To help avoid ties, we allow and recommend setting up your pool where players also need to predict how many games each series will take to finish. Players receive one bonus point for correctly picking the number of games in a series. This also helps keep all pool participants in the mix.

MLB Pickem Pools

We provide the ability to run multiple MLB pickem pool formats as well.

You can either host a season-long pickem pool or an MLB playoffs pickem pool.

Here’s how our season-long MLB pickem pools work:

  • Selections: Players select one MLB team each weekend and can’t select the same team twice.
  • Scoring: Players receive one point for each win by their team on the weekend (Fri-Sun).
  • Winner: At the end of the regular season, the player with the most points wins.

We also allow for some custom scoring options. For instance, you can set the scoring to reward one bonus point if a team wins their series on the weekend and one more bonus point if they sweep.

Alternatively, you can run your MLB pickem pool on Saturday only. With this format, teams select one team to win on Saturday and they’re unable to choose the same team twice.

Our MLB playoffs pickem pools or World Series pickem pools are shorter, but just as fun.

Players in the pool predict the winner of every game during the MLB playoffs. Running this pool will require active pool participants, as picks need to be made regularly.

There are multiple scoring options for MLB playoffs pickem pools. You can reward one point per win or you can have progressive scoring, where wins in later rounds reward more points.

Managing MLB Office Pools Using Our Software

Allow us to make running your next baseball office pool easier.

Our software makes running your MLB betting pool more automated and simplified. Avoid having to deal with pick sheets that are often filled with errors or in some cases illegible.

You can start an MLB office pool at any point during the season as well. Even if the regular season has already started, you can still set-up and run a survivor or pickem pool.

Managing a betting pool among friends or coworkers isn’t a simple task and the amount of work only increases as the pool size grows. Pool hosts don’t just save time using our software. By using our software, you’ll add a level of credibility to your baseball betting pools.

Pool players expect organization above all else. They want to be able to see their picks, the rest of the competitors’ picks and updated standings. Our software provides these features. We take the stress out of running an office pool and bring back the fun factor, even for pool managers.