When it comes to office pools, brackets are by far the most popular format.

Who hasn’t filled out a March Madness bracket before? While March Madness bracket pools remain the most popular, you can set-up bracket pools for other sports as well.

NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL playoffs brackets are all popular as well.

In 2017, the American Gaming Association (AGA) estimated that 70 million March Madness brackets are filled out annually and that number has only increased. The AGA also estimated that people spend an average of $29 on a bracket entry, which means billions are gambled on bracket pools.

College Basketball (NCAA) Bracket Pools

Our March Madness bracket pools software was built to make your life easier.

Have you ever tried running a bracket pool without using technology? You have to collect brackets from every contestant, manually grade every bracket and maintain updated standings.

By using our software to set-up your bracket pool, everything becomes more automated. You can create NCAA basketball bracket pools for the men’s and/or women’s tournament.

So, you’ve created your March Madness bracket pool using our software?

Tips for Running a March Madness Bracket Pool

Here are some tips to help you run a successful March Madness bracket pool:

  • Plan Early: It’s a good idea to plan your bracket pool early. Waiting until Selection Sunday is way too late. Fire off some emails/texts to gauge interest in your bracket pool in February.

  • Scoring: The most common scoring format is to reward 1 point (Round of 64), 2 points (Round of 32), 4 points (Sweet Sixteen), 6 points (Elite Eight), 10 points (Final Four) and 16 points (Championship Game) for each win, but our software allows you to customize the scoring.

Some bracket pool managers will reward bonus points for predicting underdogs. For example, if a #10 seed defeated a #7 seed, anyone that picked the #10 seed to win, would get 4 points (1 point for winning and then 3 bonus points, which is the difference between the two seeds).

Just make sure the scoring format is finalized before accepting submissions to avoid issues.

  • Entry Fee: The entry fee will depend upon the players in your bracket pool. Do you have a group of experienced bracket players? Maybe set the buy-in at $100+. However, if you’re running an office bracket pool, you want to ensure you keep things fun.

If you want a lot of participants in your office pool, setting a reasonable fee is more important than you think. Too low and the prize pool won’t be big enough. Too high and the fun factor tumbles.

Make sure there’s a clear rule on how many brackets everyone can enter as well. Typically, we run March Madness bracket pools with a two-entry limit, but again, the choice is up to you.

  • Payouts: Set the payouts prior to your bracket pool locking. If there are only going to be 20 or fewer players, you may want to do a winner takes all. However, once you start having 25+ entries in your bracket pool, the standard is to payout the top 3 (70%/20%/10%).

The most common March Madness bracket pool will feature every game.

However, it’s possible to run other March Madness brackets. Sweet Sixteen bracket pools are really popular and will give contestants a second chance to win if their initial bracket is already out.

Bracket pools are ideal for the office because they don’t require any upkeep. Once a contestant submits their bracket, they’re done and they can simply follow the standings at that point.

Brackets are submitted by people with no knowledge of college basketball all of the time. So, if you want a large pool that’s inclusive, brackets are the way to go during March Madness.

Playoffs Bracket Pools (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL)

How many people do you know that only start watching sports once the playoffs roll around?

The playoffs in major US sports is the perfect time to run a bracket pool at your office or with your friends. You can set-up an NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL bracket pool using our software.

When running a playoff bracket pool using our software, consider these things:

  • Weighting Rounds: Correcting predicting the later rounds in a playoff bracket should always reward more points than earlier rounds. You can customize the weighting with our software.

  • Bonus Points: You don’t want a bunch of brackets that tie. With NBA, MLB and NHL bracket pools, contestants should predict the team to win each series and the number of games it’ll take. Bonus points are rewarded based on how close a player comes to the series length.

  • Tiebreaker: Tiebreakers are common in NFL playoff brackets. We recommend setting up a tiebreaker, such as how many points will be scored in the Super Bowl. That way, there will likely only be a single winner and it’ll make your playoff brackets pool run more smoothly.

Soccer Bracket Pools (World Cup, Euros, Champions League)

With our office pool software, you can set-up a bracket pool for anything you want.

Soccer bracket pools are growing in popularity in the USA, but they’re already popular in many countries around the world. Create soccer bracket office pools for any event you want using our software. World Cup, Euros and Champions League bracket pools are among the most popular.

Managing Bracket Pools Using Our Software

Millions of people play office bracket pools every year. We provide the software you need to manage your own custom bracket pools. You can create pools for any event that uses the bracket format.

For example, we have people running Snooker World Championship bracket pools with our software every year. You’re not limited in anyway when you purchase our office pool software.

Using software is the only way to truly offer a 100% secure bracket pool. When every contestant can view everyone else’s bracket, there can never be any concerns about the legitimacy of your pool.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating a bracket pool using our software today.