Make the next golf betting pool you run a breeze by using our office pools software.

Golf office pools may not be as popular as football or basketball pools, but they’re just as much fun, if not more. The added benefit is that some golf pool formats can be run in a single weekend.

You’ll be able to run multiple golf office pool formats using our software.

Golf Survivor Pools (PGA)

The popular NFL pool format is perfect for the PGA as well.

In a golf survivor pool, the goal is to predict a golfer to make the cut every tournament. If a golfer fails to make the cut, the player is eliminated from the pool.

Here are some of the settings for golf survivor pools:

  • Pool Entries: How many entries can a participant have in the pool?
  • Mulligans: How many wrong predictions before a player is eliminated from the pool?
  • Golfers: How many times can a golfer be selected during the pool?

A traditional PGA survivor pool will start at the beginning of the season and every golfer can only be selected once. The number of entries and mulligans varies, but you can make that decision.

One of the reasons golf survivor pools are popular is because they’re familiar. Millions of Americans play in NFL survivor pools annually and understand how the format works already.

PGA survivor pools are also simple to manage and mostly automated using our software.

Golf Squares (PGA)

Who doesn’t love a squares pool among friends and coworkers?

You can host a golf squares pool for any tournament you want using our software.

Here’s how it works:

  • Grid: PGA squares pools use a 10×10 grid and are numbered 0-9.
  • Format: You can run a single grid or multiple grids for any PGA tournament.
  • Payouts: You can have payouts after each round of a tournament if selected.

The way a golf squares pool works is simple. You take the leading/winning golfers score at the end of the round/tournament (X axis) and then the number of birdies or better or he has (Y axis).

For example, if Tiger Woods wins a tournament with a score of -14 and he has 12 birdies, the winner would be the square that lands at 4 (X axis) and 2 (Y axis).

What’s ideal about PGA squares is that participants don’t need to know anything about golf. It’s all entirely luck, but it can make watching a PGA tournament a lot more exciting.

PGA Majors Golf Pools

The PGA majors are watched by even the most casual golf fans.

Everyone has heard of a lot of the big name golfers and get excited about tournaments like the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, PGA Championship and Players Championship.

Golf betting pools are always a ton of fun during any of the PGA majors.

Here’s how they work:

  • Selections: Participants in the pool each select six golfers.
  • Tiers: Golfers should be placed into six tiers (one golfer selected from each tier).
  • Scoring: The total strokes from each golfer are calculated and added together.
  • Winner: The participant with the lowest score will win the prize pool.

If a player doesn’t make the cut, then the highest score from the 3rd and 4th rounds will be used for those golfers when calculating scores. This type of golf office pool will test everyone’s knowledge.

There are a few other settings you can select when creating this type of pool. A lot of these pools will drop the worst pick from everyone’s pick sheet (scoring top 5 golfers only).

You can also choose to run this pool for a single tournament or a group of tournaments.

Golf Handicapper Pools (PGA)

Another popular and familiar golf pool is the handicappers or predictions pool.

Handicapper pools run all season and are similar to the majors’ pools. You can start your own pool any week using our software and then run it through the conclusion of the PGA season.

Here’s how this format works:

  • Weekly Picks: Participants select X number of golfers per week (1-6 golfers).
  • Golfers: Each golfer can also be used X number of times per season.
  • Scoring: You can use overall PGA winnings or FedEx Cup points to score your pool.

You can choose to have payouts after each tournament or just at the end of the season. The winner is the player that has accumulated the highest PGA winnings or FedEx Cup points.

Why You Should Run Your Golf Pool With Us

You can host any type of golf betting pool with us. Whether you want to run a PGA survivor pool or a season-long handicappers contest, our software is capable of handling the task.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should run your next golf pool with us:

  • No Errors: Ever been in a pool where errors are frequent because they don’t use software? We certainly have. Avoid any pick errors with our simple user interface.
  • Trust Factor: People trust pools when they’re being run using software. Everyone in the pool can see all participants’ picks as well as the standings.
  • Pick Sheets: No more dealing with dozens of pick sheets. There’s a lot of risk when using pick sheets, such as losing/damaging some of them. Avoid potential problems with pick sheets and ensure all of your pool participants’ picks are stored safely online.
  • Scoring/Standings: Trying to calculate scores and maintain standings during a season-long golf betting pool is tedious and takes up a lot of time after each weekly tournament. You’ll be surprised how many hours you save when you use software to run your office pool.

Golf is one of the few sports that runs nearly year-round, providing plenty of opportunities to run an office pool with coworkers and friends. Typically, the PGA majors are the best time to run your single tournament pools, but most golf pools are season-long contests.

Another great time to run a golf pool is during the FedEx Cup playoffs every year.