A Handicapper Pool is a long-running competition between participants to where the goal is to successfully predict if a favorite team can cover a given point spread. Each week players are presented with a selection of teams and spreads and are required to select one or more matchups and predict if the favorite team will be able to cover the posted line. In the event of a push (this is when the favorite matches but does not exceed the spread), picks for both the favorite or the underdog will push. The number of predictions required per week will vary per pool.

As the weeks go on, the accuracy of each player will be calculated until a winner is found. There are several variations for how to win, here are some of them:

Handicapper Pools of this variety run for an entire regular season. The player who has the most correct picks (and the least incorrect picks) after the final matchup is the winner.

In Knockout Handicapper pools, players who do not successfully predict a matchup are eliminated from the running. Whichever player(s) last the longest win (see details below).

There are specific rules for players that forget to make their picks.