The UFC is more popular than ever, but it’s not necessarily ideal for office pools.

Due to the fact that the UFC doesn’t use a season/playoff format, most office pool formats aren’t viable. However, UFC pickem pools are massively popular and only growing.

Our software allows MMA fans to host UFC pickem pools and squares pools.

One of the great features about UFC office pools is that they’re run in a single night.

The majority of UFC pickem pools are for a single event. However, we’ve made it possible to run your MMA pickem pool across multiple events with updated scores/standings after every fight card.

If you have a group of players that love the UFC, a pickem pool across multiple events can not only be fun, but it’ll really test who has the most MMA knowledge out of the group.

UFC Pickem Pools

There are many ways to set-up your UFC pickem pool using our software.

Our goal is to provide as many features as possible, ranging from custom scoring options to how many events you want to run your pool. We allow pool hosts to set-up a simple UFC pickem pool where only winners are predicted or you can run an advanced pool with various scoring factors.

Here’s how our standard UFC pickem pools work:

  • Straight Up Picks: Players in the pool pick the winner of every fight on the card.
  • Scoring: Receive one point for every correct prediction.
  • Winner: Player with the most correct predictions wins (use a tiebreaker when necessary).

Our standard UFC pickem pool is great for casual fans that don’t know a lot about the fighters and just want to have some fun. However, be sure to create a tiebreaker to determine the winner, as the chances of a tie happening are pretty high with this basic format.

Here’s how our more advanced UFC pickem pools work:

  • Picks: Players in the pool predict the fighter to win every fight on the card.
  • Method of Victory: Players predict the method of victory (TKO/KO, Submission or Decision).
  • Winning Round: Players predict what round the fighter will win in.
  • Scoring: A single point is rewarded for predicting the winner, method of victory and round.
  • Winner: The player that accumulates the most points wins the pool at the end of the night.

You’re a lot less likely to have a tiebreaker be needed with this UFC pickem pool format.

Pool participants will need to have more knowledge on the fighters to succeed typically as well, but it’s also possible a complete newbie could win your pool with some pure luck.

That’s always important when running an office pool. You want everyone in the pool to feel like they have a chance to win even if their chances of winning aren’t as high as players with more UFC/MMA knowledge. At the end of the day, though, we allow pool hosts to configure custom scoring options.

Run the UFC pickem pool of your dreams using our intuitive MMA office pool software.

As mentioned earlier, we also allow pool hosts to run a pool across multiple events while keeping updated standings. We’ll help automate the tracking of scores/standings.

You’ll need to handle the prize pool and payout structure. Are you going to reward one winner at the end or will you payout an overall winner and the winner of every event? You’ll also need to determine how many events you want to run your pool for before it’s completed.

UFC Squares Pool

We allow you to run MMA squares pool for any fight. In fact, you can host an MMA squares pool on a fight from Bellator, ONE Championship, Rizin FF, M-1 Global, Invicta FC or any other promotion.

There are two separate MMA squares pools. One for fights with five rounds and one for fights with three rounds. You can even use the same grid for multiple fights if you want.

Here’s how our MMA squares pool works (five-round fights):

  • Grid: The grid is 5×10 (50 squares).
  • X Axis: Randomize the fighter and round numbers.
  • Y Axis: Randomize the minute number (What minute the fight will end).

Essentially, your UFC squares pool for championship fights (five-rounds) will have 50 squares and the winning square is where the winning fighter and round (1-5) he/she won in intersects with the minute (0-4) the fight ended. We’ll randomize the X/Y axis results for your MMA squares pool.

UFC squares pools for three-round fights work the same except the grid is smaller. The grid is 5×6 (30 squares), but the set-up is identical, just with three rounds instead of five rounds.

Managing UFC Office Pools Using Software

UFC fans always want to put their knowledge to the test.

UFC pickem pools are fun to run, but trying to grade, score and update the standings when you’re not using software can take hours upon hours, depending upon how many participants there are.

Here are some benefits when you use our software to run your next MMA betting pool:

  • Fast: Create, set-up and launch your pool in minutes with our intuitive software.
  • Automated: We help automate a lot of the pool management tasks, saving hosts time.
  • Safe: All picks are tracked and there can never be an error when using software.
  • Custom Scoring: Choose exactly how you want the scoring to work in your MMA pool.

We’re always looking to innovate and we’re working on new MMA office pool formats.

UFC pickem pools remain the most popular, but we’re working on some other pools as well that our MMA fans are going to love. Millions of people watch UFC events. Filling up an MMA office pool will be simple. Promote the pool at your work and to friends to quickly get enough entries.

Leverage our expertise with running office pools to ensure your next pool goes off without a hitch.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you run a UFC betting pool. We’ll save you hours of time, allowing pool hosts to have just as much fun playing as the pool participants.