NASCAR is a perfect sport for office pools, as there’s only one Cup Series race weekly.

Pool participants don’t need to make a huge commitment to play with most formats, although we also cater to the hardcore NASCAR fans looking to test their knowledge all season long.

You can manage NASCAR survivor, squares, pickem and bracket pools using our software.

NASCAR Survivor Pools

This is the most popular NASCAR betting pool format we offer.

The reason is simple. NASCAR survivor pools are easy to manage, participants only need to make one selection each race and even casual NASCAR fans have a chance at winning the cash.

Here’s how our NASCAR survivor pools function:

  • Driver Picks: Participants select one driver each week before the Cup Series race.
  • Driver Limit: A driver is only allowed to be chosen once during the NASCAR season.
  • Eliminations: Pool managers need to set a “cut” (IE: Top 10/15/20).
  • Winner: The last player in the pool that hasn’t been eliminated wins all of the money.

The goal is to pick a driver each week that makes the cut. The pool manager can choose the cut, but we recommend using top 10 or 20, depending upon how long you want the pool to last.

NASCAR Pickem Pools

We allow NASCAR pool managers to run a variety of pickem pools using our software.

The most popular NASCAR pickem pool is our “One and Done” format. This format is similar to our NASCAR survivor pools, but players are never eliminated from the pool.

Here’s how our NASCAR one and done pickem pool works:

  • Driver Picks: Every player selects one driver per race (can’t use the same driver again).
  • Scoring: Players earn the same points that the selected driver wins during the race.
  • Winner: The player with the most points at the end of the NASCAR season wins.

To help clarify how this NASCAR office pool works, here’s an example. If a player selects Joey Logano in the Daytona 500, and Logano earns 38 Cup Series points, that’s how many points the player will earn that week. Points are calculated weekly and standings are maintained throughout the season.

If you have a group of hardcore NASCAR fans, try out our handicapper pickem pools.

Here’s how our NASCAR handicapper pools work:

  • Driver Picks: Players will select who they think will finish in the top 10 of each race.
  • Scoring: We allow pool managers to configure scoring options (details below).
  • Winner: At the end of the season, the player with the most points wins.

A traditional top 10 NASCAR pickem pool rewards one point for correctly predicting a driver will finish in the top 10 and then one bonus point for predicting the exact finishing position.

However, we allow our pool hosts to set custom scoring options for NASCAR pickem pools.

Spend some time exploring all of our NASCAR pickem pools, as we add more regularly.

NASCAR Bracket Pools

What’s great about NASCAR bracket pools is they don’t require weekly picks.

Our most popular NASCAR bracket pool is for the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs. The format is great for running a bracket pool with your friends, family and/or colleagues.

Here’s how our NASCAR Cup Series playoffs office pool works:

  • Brackets: Participants need to fill-in their bracket before the first playoffs race.
  • Scoring: We use a progressive scoring system (points increase by round).
  • Winner: The player that accumulates the most points will win.

The NASCAR playoffs start with 16 drivers in the first round. After the first round, four drivers are eliminated from the playoffs. This continues until a champion is crowned.

The traditional scoring format is one point for advancing to round two, two points for advancing to round three, four points for advancing to round four and eight points for predicting the champion.

NASCAR Squares Pools

We also allow anyone to set-up a NASCAR squares pool for any/every race during the season.

Daytona 500 squares pools are a great way to kick-off the NASCAR season, especially if you’re going to be running season-long NASCAR betting pools with an engaged player base.

Similar to other office squares pools, here’s how our NASCAR squares work:

  • Grid: The grid is a standard 10×10 (100 squares).
  • Axis: Randomize 0-9 along the X/Y axis prior to the race.

There are multiple ways to determine the winner of a NASCAR squares pool.

The most common way is to use the car number from the 1st/2nd place finishers. For instance, if Kevin Harvick (#4) wins the race, then you use the number four along that axis. If Logano (#22) finishes in 2nd place then you would use the number two along that axis.

The intersecting square is the winning square.

An alternative method to determine the winner is to use the starting position for a driver. For example, if Jimmie Johnson wins and his starting grid position was #15, then you would use the number five along the winner’s axis. You can customize the winning requirements if desired.

Managing a NASCAR Office Pool Using Software

Some NASCAR betting pools are expansive and would require a lot of time to manage without the assistance of office pool software. We make it fun to manage NASCAR pools again.

A lot of our competitors don’t even host NASCAR pools either. They may not be as popular as NFL pools, but NASCAR betting pools are enjoyed by millions of Americans every year.

Here are some of the benefits of running your NASCAR office pool using our software:

  • Expanded Formats: We’re proud to offer one of the biggest selections of NASCAR pools.
  • Custom Scoring: Create the NASCAR office pool you’ve always dreamed of using software.
  • Automation: Enjoy fast race results and updated standings throughout the NASCAR season.
  • Pool Settings: Choose the number of entries, mulligans and other settings for your pool.

Start a NASCAR office pool anytime during the season. Most NASCAR pools start with Daytona 500, but it’s possible to start a NASCAR pool at any point during the season.

If the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs are approaching, consider a NASCAR bracket pool.

Give us a try this season and we’re positive you’ll never want to change providers ever again.