How to play Squares in sports betting?

There are many ways to enjoy sports while doing a little gambling on the side, and one of the most popular party games you can come across is Squares. This game is most commonly known as Football Squares or Super Bowl Squares, because it’s mostly played for this specific event among groups of friends all across America and the world. However, it’s a fun way to enjoy any high scoring event, like NBA or NCAA basketball games, as well as college football games and all NFL games throughout the regular season and playoffs. You also get the chance to be creative and try it out for other sports like baseball, rugby, cricket and so on.

This is how Squares works

As stated before, Squares is a simple, easy and fun party game, and there is no right or wrong way to play it; it can be as simple as having a pen and a piece of paper, using permanent markers, or using technology and doing it on a computer, on an Excel sheet or Word document, for example. You can also use any size that works for you, it can be printed or drawn in a normal piece or paper, or have it made in a poster, so that everyone can see it, in case it’s being played in an office or during a party.

In this case we’re offering you the chance to play on our website, in a simple, safe, and secure environment, created specifically for this, to give you the best possible experience.

What you need to do is set up a simple 10×10 grid, which will have a total of 100 squares in the end. Once you have the grid ready, it’s time to label each row and column, with the numbers 0 to 9 on each; it can be in order or not. When playing squares, you can use a random order, as it could even add more fun to the game, and everyone will get to pick the square they want, according to the numbers on the grid. You label the first rows from left to right, and then the first column, from top to bottom. On top you need to write the name of one of the teams, usually the home team, while on the left side, you write the name of the other team, usually the visitor.

Now it’s time to pick the squares!

Once you have your grid ready, it’s time to start setting up the game! Gather your friends and determine the price for each square; remember, this is a friendly party game, but it is a gambling game after all, so you’re in it to win it! There are 100 squares to choose from, and hopefully you can get 100 people to play, to make it more exciting; however, it’s not mandatory. Get as many people as you can and choose as many squares as you want; the price can be as low as $1 per square, and from then on, up to $5, $10 or more, whatever you can all agree on. The usual is to write the name or initials of the person in each square, so that everyone knows who wins, as part of the fun of the game. You can also keep a list of the numbers and games that are selected for each game.

The most fun is for all the squares to be selected by someone, so that you know there will be a winner, no matter what. However, if you can’t fill all the squares, that’s fine, there might just not be a winner sometimes, depending on the scores.

How to win in squares?

It’s easy to play squares; let’s pick a game to set an example. Let’s say we have a good old NFC west rivalry going on, Green bay Packers vs San Francisco 49’ers at Lambeau Field. So, we build our grid and we place the Packers on top, 0 to 9, and the 49’ers on the left, 0 to 9 as well. The idea is to select a square and play with those numbers. In football, many look for numbers like 7, 3 or 0, thinking of the point values of touchdowns and field goals. The whole idea is that you can win on each quarter of the game, plus also on the final score. Let’s say the Packers won the first quarter 10-3. We use only the last digit of each score. In this case, whoever selected the square that has 0 for the Packers and 3 for the 49’ers, wins. Then we move to the second quarter; let’s say that the Niners score 2 touchdowns and the Packers 1, so the score for the quarter is 49’ers 14-7. Whoever picked the square with 4 for the 49’ers and 7 for the Packers, wins the prize, and so on. You can play only quarters, but some people also play for the final score of the game, as a bonus.

How to divide the prize money in squares?

We’ll give you prize structure for our games, of course but as a guide, there are different ways to divide the prize money; you can do 25% of the jackpot for each quarter’s winner, you can do 20% for each quarter and the final score of the game, you can try a 15% prize for each quarter and then a big 40% for the final score. Anyway, there are different ways to settle this matter, the important part is for you and everyone else to be clear on the rules from the beginning, so that everybody knows what they’re playing for.

Now that you know how Squares works, it’s up to you to join and start having fun with us and your friends! Enjoy one of the most popular and traditional party games for sports, right here in your phone or computer, with all the benefits that technology can give you now a days. This is just one of the many ways we’ll provide you with, so that you can enjoy your favorite games and sports to the max!