Want to run an exciting office pool that anyone can participate in? Consider a survivor pool.

Survivor pools are also commonly referred to as last man standing, eliminator, knockout, suicide or king of the hill pools. The most popular league for survivor pools is the NFL.

Thousands of people compete in NFL survivor pools annually with huge prize pools up for grabs.

Benefits of Running a Survivor Pool

Here are a few of the benefits of running a Survivor pool with friends, families and co-workers:

  1. Simple to Play: Players only select one pick weekly, allowing everyone to participate.
  2. Simple to Manage: Creating and managing a survivor pool using our software is easy.
  3. Player Pool: There’s no limit on how many people can participate in a survivor pool.

We simplify running a survivor office pool with technology. Our software makes running a survivor pool as easy as possible, while automating the most time consuming tasks.

Trying to manually run any office pool can quickly become a chore or even a part-time job if the player pool is big enough. You have to gather selections from each participant weekly, grade all selections weekly and you need to release a pick sheet weekly to ensure legitimacy.

Doing these tasks for a survivor pool can take hours every week. Our office pools software allows most tasks to be automated, plus your pools will appear more professional.

NFL Survivor Pools

Without question, NFL survivor pools are more popular than any other survivor pool.

Here’s how a standard NFL survivor pool operates:

  • Players pick one NFL team to win each week during the season (no point spreads involved).
  • Once a player uses a team that player can no longer use that team again.
  • If a player makes a correct pick, they survive, if their pick loses, they’re eliminated.
  • The last remaining player wins the prize pool.

The majority of NFL survivor pools follow the above format, but you can customize your pool.

For example, a new format has been gaining steam lately and that’s an NFL survivor losers pool. It follows the same format as above, except instead of picking winners, the goal is to pick losers.

Why not run a winners and losers NFL survivor pool this year?

As a pool manager, you can configure multiple Survivor pool options, just make sure the rules are clearly laid out before you start accepting any entries to avoid any potential problems.

Here are some of the options to consider when running an NFL survivor office pool:

  • Entry Limit: How many entries can a player have in your pool?
  • Team Limit: You can allow players to use a team more than once if desired.
  • Mulligan: Gives players a chance to make one incorrect pick without being eliminated.
  • Automatic Picks: Assigns automatic picks to players that forget to make their selection.
  • Schedule: Will your pool end after the regular season or include the playoffs?

You also need to consider things such as the buy-in and tiebreaker rules.

The buy-in will depend upon the players participating. Is this a fun office pool that you want to be open to everyone? If so, consider a smaller buy-in to keep things light-hearted. If you’re running a pool with your friends that love to gamble, setting a higher buy-in makes more sense.

While it’s rare to have multiple players left at the conclusion of your NFL survivor pool, it’s possible and therefore you should ensure you have a clear tiebreaker rule. Alternatively, you could make a rule stating that the prize pool will be split evenly among all remaining players.

Want an even tougher challenge? Implement point spreads instead of straight-up picks.

NBA, MLB and NHL Survivor Pools

While the NFL is perfect for survivor pools, you can also set-up NBA, MLB and NHL survivor pools.

You can use our software to set-up any type of survivor pool using custom rules.

Here’s how MLB, NHL and NBA survivor pools typically work:

  • NBA Survivor Pool: Players pick a team to win a game each week (no point spreads). If the team wins the game, the player advances to the next week, if not, they get a strike.

NBA survivor pools generally allow players to use a team twice throughout the season. They also aren’t single elimination. Generally, players will be eliminated after a second or third strike.

  • NHL Survivor Pool: Saturday nights are for hockey, especially up in Canada. Players in the pool will pick one team to win on Saturday each week. If the pick wins, the player advances.

Like other survivor office pools, you’ll want to limit how many times each participant can use a team (we recommend one or two times) and you’ll need to set elimination rules (single, double or triple).

  • MLB Survivor Pool: Players will select one team each week. The team they select needs to win at least 50% of their games that week for the player to advance to the next week.

Typically, players can only select a team once throughout the season, but you can change that if you want. You’ll also need to determine how many strikes (losses) before a player is eliminated.

Running a Survivor Pool Using Our Software

As you can see, you can run a lot more than just NFL survivor pools using our software.

We even have some international guys hosting soccer survivor pools. The Premier League (EPL) is a great league for survivor pools, but you can run a survivor pool for most soccer leagues.

Survivor pools are fun, entertaining and anyone can get excited following their team that week.

You don’t need to be a sports fanatic to participate in survivor pools either, which makes them the perfect format around the office. Use our software to have your survivor pool running today.